Debbie Macomber’s: Starting Now

book-binding-mustreadI love a great book, a glass of sweet tea and a sunny afternoon on my patio. Fortunately, I found just the right book for the occasion in Debbie Macomber’s newest offering Starting Now: A Blossom Street Novel. Macomber is a familiar author for many who enjoy the romance genre and her popularity is well deserved. While some authors in this genre focus on the first or young love experience, Macomber’s characters often have a few years behind them. Such is the case in Starting Now, where the main character is a middle aged woman facing a life altering curve in the road. It is a familiar tale and that has brought some criticism of the book, however I believe that the familiarity comes more from its parallel to life than a stale story line. Of course, there are the usual twists that keep the story moving and a few of those may be a little cliché but they work. In the end, Starting Now is a good read for Macomber fans and certainly deserves a few afternoons on the porch. For those that are looking for a great little book to pick up for Mother’s Day, this might be just the one that will put a smile on Mom’s face. Currently, it is available for purchase in hardback and it should make a good addition to your library. For those that have not yet picked up a Macomber novel, check out a paperback version of some of her older works first to make sure that her more laid back style is your cup of tea. While it doesn’t have the punch of a Nora Roberts book, the twists of a Heather Graham or the heat of a Lora Leigh, Macomber is a classy read and that should be a genre all its own.

Source: V. Syzmanski