Jefferson County School Board

The Jefferson County School Board held a Called Meeting on Thursday, October 25, 2012 in the Media Center of Jefferson County High School. The Meeting was Called to Order by Acting Chairman Jarnigan. Absent from Roll Call were Board Members Potts and Cavanah. Upon a Motion from Vines and 2nd from Rogers the Agenda was Approved.

Director of Schools Edmonds brought a recommendation to the Board to Approve the Scope of the renovations/additions to Jefferson County High School so the bidding process can begin for the project. Tony Pettit of Rentenbach was available for questions concerning estimated costs that were presented to the Board. The cost estimates were presented prior to the bidding process and could change. The estimate for total project cost including design fees, inspection and regulatory fees, furniture, fixtures and equipment and track modifications is $25,234,919. Available funds are $25,331,532. Board Member Bradley inquired about the inclusion of a fly box above the auditorium at the cost of $62,186. The fly box was listed as an option that could be deducted from the cost of the project. Bradley stated that the Board had already voted in the September meeting to address the fly box as a possible add on and that it should not have been included in the cost estimates that will go out to be bid. He said that the box could not be outfitted and therefore would serve no purpose until funding became available to outfit the fly box. Bradley stated that he would like to see any left over funding go toward renovations in Building 8, as that portion of the building will receive very little renovation and has great need. Board Member Vines stated that the cost to add the fly box after the renovation project has ended will be significantly more expensive. Bradley made a Motion to approve the scope of renovations with the exception of the fly box. 2nd Lowery-Failed . Vines made a motion to accept the scope of the renovation project as presented (including fly box) 2nd Rogers-Failed lacking majority vote. The item will be addressed at the next meeting.

By recommendation of Director Edmonds and upon a Motion from Rogers and 2nd from Lowery the Board Approved resending a previous declaration that Rush Strong adjacent property is surplus property to allow the building to be used for storage. The contents of the building will still be considered surplus.

In a Motion from Bradley and 2nd by Rogers the Board Approved the request for $409,950 and $34,000 that previously rolled into fund balance and was slotted for roof and maintenance repairs need at schools, as well as bus cameras.

In other action, the Board Approved on first reading a list of Policy Changes including policies regarding personnel issues. The Board Approved one General and one Federal Budget Amendment. The Meeting was Adjourned.

Source: K. Depew, News Director