Scott Turow’s: Presumed Innocent

book-binding-mustreadLike most readers, I have a few favorite authors that I follow and I try to pick up their newest releases. I also have a “greatest hits” list of books that I believe to be some of the best around. Scott Turow made that list with Presumed Innocent, which was one of the best legal thrillers that I have ever read. Most of the time, I can project the ending of a thriller about half the way through. That was not the case with Presumed Innocent, nor did Turow pull the ending out of his hat. No, he carefully laid the groundwork and he laid it well. I am as impressed upon recently rereading the book as I was the first time around. Turow has penned a follow up to his smash hit entitled Innocent and though it is not quite the caliber as the original novel, it is still well worth the read. Mother’s Day is on the horizon and either one of these books would make a great gift for a thrill or mystery loving Mom. If she is a novice to Turow, be sure to pick up his debut novel first because it lays the ground work for his follow up work and, in my opinion, is the better piece of work. Innocent is a well written offering by a sound author but is has a lot to live up to as a companion book to Presumed Innocent. I suggest that you read them in order and enjoy the intricate details that Turow does so well.

Source: Jake Depew, Assistant Editor