Megasite Issue May Reach Into EDOC & Chamber Funding

editorial-logo3This week will prove interesting for some in the County. It has become apparent that the Megasite issue may have a longer reaching impact than was ever anticipated, especially by those that brought the project to the forefront. For several budgeting season there has been debate regarding the funding level of the Chamber of Commerce and EDOC. To many, the level of public funds that goes to sustain these bodies is unfathomable, especially in the age where the word of the day is cuts. This year, however, there are new eyes on the budgeting process and many simply don’t like what they see and are not afraid to be vocal about it. I guess it all boils down to this-the folks in the footprint of the defunct Megasite project haven’t gone away and it doesn’t seem like they are especially willing to let bygones be bygones. They are still digging and they have a spotlight as bright as the morning sun pointed straight at the Chamber of Commerce and EDOC. Their argument is that with public funds ( a great deal of public funds) comes responsibility to the public and the prevailing theme is that the Chamber of Commerce and EDOC do not adhere to the rules of a taxpayer funded body, even though they each receive substantial taxpayer money. Also at issue is the relationship of several Commissioners and either or both the Chamber or EDOC. I believe that the very valid question Is it ethical to vote on funding for an organization of which you are a board member? will be front and center of the funding debate and I rather doubt that those opposed to the funding level of the Chamber and EDOC will be willing to accept just any answer at face value. They learned, the hard way, that it is important to always check the facts. And that one man’s facts are another man’s fodder. I know that they have been checking their facts and I know that they are tenacious. Beyond that, I don’t think that either the Chamber or EDOC envisioned the long term potential impact to their organizations when they had the Federal Express truck deliver those ill conceived letters. Regardless of the vote, I don’t think that this fight is over yet. I guess it just goes to show that the dog chasing the truck isn’t always the one that you have to worry about. Sometimes it is the quiet one lying on the porch that will latch on and not let go.

Source: K. Depew, News Director