Helping Your Child Become A Better Student

Growing YearsWith the start of school, so also is there the reminder that with each year we try to improve how much we take away from the school year. It is a time of refreshing our academic selves. It is a time to help our child become a better student. There are a few rules that will help your child get better grades this school year.

• First, get a good night’s rest, in order to stay focused during the school day. And begin the day with a healthy breakfast, to fuel the body for the morning instruction.

• Next, get organized. Organize your locker and/or desk. An organized desk gives a quiet space to work and an organized locker, helps you remember to bring your supplies to class and home for homework.

• Don’t be afraid to ask for help, if your child is not sure what’s required for a good grade, or are struggling with the assignment. Teach your child that it is fine to be great student, perfectionist or an overachiever.

• Keep a calendar, or planner to keep track of when assignments are due. If and when there is a syllabus, write down every test, quiz, and assignment due date, for each class or subject. Check the calendar every day to see what needs to be done the next day, checking off what has already been done.

• Take notes on everything, especially in middle school and high school, most tests and homework will be discussed in the class. If your teacher draws on the board, copy it down to notes. Write good enough to read them back and use highlighters if it seems important, thus helping to find it later. Too much highlighting of text or it is not recommended. Colored pens are also helpful to emphasize important items.

• Pay attention to the teacher’s teaching and testing style. Use the same method to study.

• Do your homework immediately after school, even if the assignment is not the next day. Homework counts for a large portion of your grade. Don’t forget to ask for extra credit assignments, even if the teacher doesn’t give them, your effort will be noticed.

• Keep track of grades and aim for high ones. Ask the teacher for grades and keep them listed. Average them often.

By following these few rules, school should be a much more pleasant environment, grades should be higher and stress should be less for your child. Have a great school year!

Source: Linda G. Swann, M.S. Early Childhood / SPED