Collectors Showcase, Comic & Toy Convention

Collectors Showcase, Comic & Toy Convention was held at the Best Western Plus this past weekend. There were over fifteen vendors ranging from comic book style artist, comic books sellers, collectable figurine vendors and Jim O’Rear. This is the second time that Purgatory has hosted this event in Morristown.

A different celebrity is at each convention, this event featuring celebrity Jim O’Rear from Nashville. Mr. O’Rear has been involved in the entertainment industry for over twenty five years. Jim quickly made a name for himself in the world of acting, stunt work, special effects, and more, working and performing in a multitude of television shows, major motion pictures, and live theatre productions. He has appeared in: Star Trek 4, Day of the Dead, Hollywood Ghost Hunters. His production company, UNDERGROUND ENTERTAINMENT, produced several documentaries and was nominated for various national awards for program development. He can also be seen on the upcoming NASHVILLE on ABC television! Another talent on his list, Mr. O’Rear is the author of three books on the paranormal. One book features strictly Tennessee sightings and stories.

Also at the event was D.A. Adams who is a local Si-Fi author hailing from Morristown. His works include the series “The Brotherhood of Dwarves” which is about to release the fourth addition to the series. In terms of writing style, Adams exhibits an effortless narrative voice and a masterful balance between richly detailed descriptions and tightly worded minimalism.

The convention room was filled with comic books, collector items, and of course, comic fans that were happy to talk about their favorite characters. It was a great time for all in attendance and they will be releasing the next convention dates soon.

Source: Photos & Article by Robin Archer, Jefferson County Post Staff Writer