After The Storm

editorial-logo3Those that have already looked at the headlines today will have noticed that the Post is hosting a candidate debate. Some election cycles come and go with little fanfare or public attention. This is not one of those years. While some have already decided which button to push for the May elections, some are still undecided. Debates are an important part of the political decision making process and we felt that the voting public deserves to hear from the candidates themselves, rather than relying on rumors or innuendo.

It is our intent that, through the debate process, questions will be asked and answered that will lead voters to an informed decision. Tensions are running high during this election, however I have stood in the room with candidates from all the contested races. Certainly, there is some tension but all conducted themselves in the manner that is expected of someone seeking public office. What I hope that we all remember during this election is that May 7th will come and the Primary election will be over and then on August 8th the County General Election will be over. The votes will have been counted-someone will be victorious and someone will not. That is the political process and that is how we choose who governs our government. But, regardless of who will hold the title of Sheriff or Mayor or County Court Clerk or Trustee-regardless of who will be filling the Judicial robes in Jefferson County-Jefferson County will still be the same conglomeration of citizens living inside the same borders. We will still have neighbors that we like and family that we love and a hope for a future that is bright for ourselves and our children and grandchildren. What bonds us as a community is so much more than any political position or outcome can divide.

As we go into the meat of this election season, we must remember that there is a day and a month and a year, in fact many years, that will follow the counting of the final vote. It is right and good that there is debate and that questions are asked and answered. It is right that there is a time of decision and that every citizen eligible to vote exercises that privilege. And it is right that we can still meet on the street and agree to disagree.

Thomas Jefferson once said “I never considered a difference of opinion in politics, in religion, in philosophy, as a cause for withdrawing from a friend.” I would add, or a neighbor. Remember that no matter how intense the debate or how hot the battle field, by September it will all be just another chapter in the history of Jefferson County.

Question well, debate often, vote proudly and accept graciously, what ever the outcome.

Source: K. Depew, News Director