Senator Faulk announce Highway Safety Grants for Jefferson County

State Senator Mike Faulk (R-Church Hill) announced today that three grants have been approved to aid Jefferson County agencies in their highway safety efforts. Faulk made the announcement after being notified by the Tennessee Department of Transportation’s Highway Safety Office. The grants include $5,000 to the Jefferson City Police Department and $4,495 to the Dandridge Police Department for high visibility law enforcement campaigns; and $25,000 to the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department for a Wide Area Saturation Patrol Division.

Jefferson County will also benefit from a $155,941 grant to the 4th Judicial District of Tennessee for DUI abatement and prosecution enhancement.

“I am very pleased that our county has received these highway safety grants to help make our roads safer,” said Senator Faulk. “I also appreciate all the hard work that our local officials have done in helping us to receive these funds.”

According to Senator Faulk, the grants were issued to agencies that successfully applied for funding based on need. The grants help fund a variety of enforcement, legal and educational initiatives across the state including first responder equipment purchases, DUI prosecutors, speed enforcement, and child passenger safety training.

“These grants will give our local communities additional funds that should help upgrade their efforts to make our roads safer and to protect our citizens from those who drink and drive,” Senator Faulk added. “We will continue to work to make our roads safer.”