Happy Veteran’s Day 2022: Thank You for Your Service

November 11 marks Veterans Day 2022, a holiday that celebrates the services and sacrifices of veterans across the nation. Veterans Day was originally known as Armistice Day, marking the temporary cease-fire between Germany and the Allied Nations on November 11, 1918. This started the tradition of the holiday being held on November 11.

It wasn’t until 1954 that Armistice Day would be renamed Veterans Day. World War II called for an unprecedented number of American soldiers, which led to a massive casualty rate. In honor of the sacrifices made by the troops, Congress officially changed Armistice Day to Veterans Day. To keep in line with tradition, the holiday was still celebrated on November 11th. For a few years following 1971 the Uniform Monday Holiday Act changed the celebration to the fourth Monday in October, since the act called for federal holiday observances on particular Mondays, rather than fixed dates. President Ford would return Veterans Day to its traditional November 11th home in 1978. Thank you to the more than 19,000,000 Veterans that have served the United States for your incredible service and sacrifice.