Late Christmas Gift

My daughter came down with the flu during the last week of school and she missed her class Christmas party. I meant to take gift bags to the school for her classmates and teachers but just did not get it done. I would like to do something for her little friends and teacher but don’t know what or how. Do you have any suggestions for what is appropriate when school is back in session?

Because illness is so prevalent at this time of the year, it is not uncommon for students to miss the class Christmas party. Unfortunately, when students return to school after the break they are no longer in “holiday mode”. I would suggest purchasing ice cream for the class one day and let your daughter tell them that the gift is from her because she missed the Christmas party. The teacher can help you with the purchase and the kids will appreciate the gesture. Your daughter’s teacher might like a small gift card to a local fast food restaurant and a note thanking her for all that she does for your child. Be assured that the other students and the teacher will not be expecting something and certainly understand that your child was ill. Anything that you do will be appreciated and unexpected.