Maury Homecoming Queen

Asked AnsweredI have a daughter that is attending Maury Middle School. I was surprised to learn that they do not crown a homecoming queen or allow traditional homecoming attire such as long dresses. Who made this decision and who do I need to speak with to get some action to get it reversed?

The decision to only have a homecoming court and not crown a queen is not new for Maury. Sometime in the mid 2000s they changed the homecoming ritual. According to information provided by the school at that time, it was a result of excessive spending on dresses and a move away from competition for the title. Other schools in the County have maintained the traditional crowning of a queen, but Maury Middle School has given no indication that they intend to change their policy, despite annual inquiries. You might address the issue with the Principal and, if need be, move on the the Central Office or your local School Board Members.