Decorate Away the Winter Blues

rachelAfter a couple of weeks of rain, snow and ice, it is so nice to see some sunshine. Staring at the same four walls, same furniture, same textiles, same old, same old, I’m definitely ready for a change. As soon as my family heads back to school, I will be off to the local antiques and thrift stores looking for home décor accessories. Because I’m a dealer, I will be on the lookout for true antiques at great prices; however, when shopping for home, I’m more concerned with look than investment. Antiques stores and thrift stores are not unlike big box or home improvement stores in that there are nice home décor objects to be found. Sometimes this takes a bit of digging and traveling. To decorate away the winter blues on a budget, look for form and style, color, texture and pattern. Just adding a piece or two can change the mood of room. Before heading out, think about whether or not you are looking only for ready-to-use items or if you prefer to get crafty and repurpose your finds. Also have an idea of what styles, colors, textures and patterns you might like to find.

TER para 2Form and Style Many home styles are on a spectrum from eclectic to matchy-matchy. Think about the styles that feel cozy or uplifting to you – modern, romantic, country, urban, primitive. Search for pieces that can change the focal points of a room. Try out a new style. A romantic nook can be created in a corner and nestled into nearly any style. Mid-century modern and urban or Art Deco and Arts and Crafts could be good parings. Different styles can be married to create a cohesive design using color, texture, and pattern. Those looking for a more significant change in form and style (beyond pillows, mirrors, small furniture, pottery or glass) should visit architectural antiques stores.

TER para 3 colorColor Advertisers and psychologists know that color affects people. Choose calming pastels, warm earthy tones, or energizing bold hues depending upon mood of the space. For a cheat sheet on coordinating colors, pick up a color wheel. Complimentary colors are across from each other on the wheel – red and green, blue and orange, yellow and purple. Don’t forget black (the non-color) and white (the every color). The pros say that a black object can help anchor the room; an antiques store may be just the place to snag a bargain item in black.

TER para 4 textureTexture Textures are more complex in that we use two senses – sight and touch – in order to experience them. Chenille, silk, linen, and quilting are all textures that may be available at thrift or antiques stores. Textiles can soften or cozy a space. They work well on tables, beds, floors, and walls. Don’t overlook rugs as an option; they can add texture to the floor or the wall, if hung. Thrift stores in higher end neighborhoods may have like-new rugs in various textures. If you like to sew, look for vintage fabrics to make shams for sofa pillows or to create wall art.

TER para 5 patternPattern These days it is perfectly fine to mix and match patterns so long as they complement each other or tie together color-wise. Looking at some of today’s fashion, it seems that anything goes when combining patterns. Personally I tend to be more matchy-matchy when pattern is involved, but feel free to push the boundaries and try something new. Vary large, bold patterns with delicate ones to create a complex look. To play it safe with pattern, make a pattern the focal point of a room. Use vintage fabric to create a unique headboard or window treatment.

If your budget is nil or you don’t want to leave the house, look in the attic for items that can change a space through style, color, texture, or pattern. Adding lamps, mirrors, and seasonally changing artwork can also change the look of a space. So, get going; decorate away those winter blues.

Rachel Glenn is part owner of Rachel’s Attic Antiques and Collectibles in Dandridge, Tennessee and has been dealing in antiques and collectibles for eleven years and selling online for eight years.

Source: Rachel Glenn