Congratulations Jefferson County High School Class of 2019

The moment that over 400 students have waited the last 13 years for, finally came around Saturday Morning.

The community arrived in full force to honor the Jefferson County High School Class of 2019. The 44th Commencement Ceremony, was full of excitement, hope, and of course the Pomp and Circumstance that one would expect with such an event.

The Class of 2019 is definitely deserving of the recognition. Over 100 students enter the next chapter receiving state honors, along with several others receiving state distinction. Along with countless scholarships awarded, the Class of 2019 are poised to represent Jefferson County High School as they are released in to the world.

Guests were welcomed by graduating senior Carrie Thiel, followed by an invocation lead by Cody Stephens. Emily Hardy performed “The Climb” to kick off the ceremony, and the Patriot Ensemble gave a heart felt thank you to the parents with “Dear Thesodosia”, featuring a solo by Jarod Cameron. Brooke Hornberger gave the first student address, inspiring students to go from the impossible, to “I’m Possible”. John Ryan Scarlett encouraged his peers to embrace change with an inspiring address, just before Dr. Sharp offered some words of wisdom to what he believed could be the “next Great Generation”.

The Jefferson County Post wishes to congradulate the Class of 2019. Best wishes and God bless, as you travel onward to the next big chapter of your lives.

Source: Angie Stanley, Jefferson County Post Staff Writer