Jefferson County GIS Consortium Board Celebrates GIS Day, November 19, 2020

JCGISCB Recognizes How Geographic Information System Technology Makes an Impact

The Jefferson County GIS Consortium Board will celebrate GIS Day on Thursday, November 19, 2020. While global circumstances require GIS Day to be virtual this year, JCGISCB will celebrate innovative applications of geographic information system (GIS) technology in analysis, visualization, gaining insights into geospatial data, and thought leadership in the field of GIS.

Over 20 years ago, Jack Dangermond, the founder and president of Esri, envisioned people collaborating and sharing how GIS affects everyone. This led to the establishment of GIS Day, which was first observed in 1999. The explosion of geospatial technology since then has expanded that idea into a global event that shows how geography and the real-world applications of GIS are making a difference in business, government and society. It’s a chance for organizations to share their accomplishments and inspire others to discover and use GIS.

Almost 14 years ago the JCGISCB was established by 10 agencies including the county government, local cities and local utilities to work together to make our county a better place. Since then, these entities have established and maintained local data and information that is on display on their website ( Here you can find data such as property data, FEMA flood zones, Schools, COVID-19 data, utility providers, census data, voting precincts and much more.

JCGISCB website is maintained by volunteers of the JCGISCB and local citizens.Adam Newcomb, President of the JCGISCB said, “Part of the mission of this group is to advance the use of GIS in Jefferson County and our GIS Day celebration is one way we can recognize and share in the achievements of our local GIS users”.

This November, JCGISCB will join hundreds of organizations worldwide in hosting virtual gatherings that will celebrate the impactful work of GIS professionals and serve to ignite the imagination of the future innovators who will further advance global progress using GIS.

To sign up for this virtual Zoom event, go to and click on the “JOIN JC’S GIS DAY 11-19-2020” button and complete the survey.  For more information on how Jefferson County GIS Consortium Board is innovating through the application of GIS, visit