Meet and Greet With Local Author Kathrine Allen

Author, Kathrine Allen

Parrott-Wood Memorial Library (3313 W. Old. A.J. Hwy, Strawberry Plains, TN 37861) is proud to announce Meet and Greet with Local Author Kathrine Allen on Monday, December 13, 2021 at 4:30-5:30. Please call to 865-933-1311 to register or go on

Raised in Tennessee, Kathrine Allen has lived most of her life in a small town of Jefferson County. She grew up spending a lot of time around the Great Smokey Mountains, where she has enjoyed many camping trips with her family. One particular place always held a special place in her heart, Fall Creek Falls. The powerful twin falls eventually became the inspiration for the main location of her first published story, “Aquaica: The Last Aquaian.

Aside from writing, Kathrine Allen also enjoys art, and even designs her own cover art. She dabbles in a variety of medias, but prefers to work with pencils and markers. It was through her art and day dreams that she would escape into other worlds. As the worlds grew, she started to develop stories in her mind, until one day, she decided that she had to start writing them down.

Kathrine Allen has always felt drawn to water. She spends a lot of her summer exploring around the local lakes, swimming and kayaking with her sister, or even just enjoying a brisk walk. She is also an Aquarist, keeping both Fresh and Saltwater aquariums, while also working at as Saltwater Retail Store.