THE LEARNING CURVE – Dotson Key Component Of Successful Public Education

Sherry Dotson

THE LEARNING CURVE is a column sponsored by Doug Ibbetson, Jefferson County School Commissioner, spotlighting those in the educational community who make a significant contribution to the success of Jefferson County School System.

All successful companies have many components that make them run and that concept is the same for public education. While the faces of Jefferson County Schools are many and varied, sometimes it is the behind the scenes people that carry unmeasured impact. For instance, Jefferson County has recently struggled with acquiring and keeping bus drivers but that should be no reflection on Transportation Supervisor Sherry Dotson. She is a seasoned veteran in student transportation and takes a great amount of pride in safely delivering Jefferson County students to and from school every school day. In fact, Dotson is a familiar face to many students as she often drives a route.

What some may not know about Sherry Dotson is that she is highly regarded across the state for her knowledge and leadership in school transportation. Dotson serves as the Director for Region 6 with the Tennessee Association of Pupil Transportation. With 11 counties and 17 areas represented in her district from Jefferson County to Johnson City, Dotson is the point for information on transportation concerns, issues and networking for those in her region and across the state.

Sherry Dotson is one of many that make Jefferson County Schools a great place to get a quality education. The school bus drivers can set the tempo for a student’s day and can help determine their mindset when they arrive home in the evenings. Safety with a smile is a priority for Dotson and she is delivering for Jefferson County and beyond.