#HEROES – Karen Phillips Lee is one of those people

#Heroes is a column sponsored by Dr. Warren K. Stinson, DDS, Jefferson City, TN, spotlighting local heroes throughout the community from all walks of service.

It has been said that given the right circumstances many people have the capacity to perform heroic deeds. While that certainly may be true, it is only a handful of people who choose to chase the bad guy, run into the fire or answer the call for help when stress is the highest and every moment counts. Karen Phillips Lee is one of those people. An EMT with the Jefferson County EMS/EMA, Lee serves those in Jefferson County in their hour of medical need.

Unlike many who serve the County, Karen came into her calling as an emergency medical technician later in her career of service to the residents of Jefferson County. After many years as a E-911 operator in Jefferson County, Lee decided it was time to go back to school and take her desire to help others on the road. She now travels the roads in Jefferson County, via ambulance, and is face to face with one medical emergency after another. Karen is also advancing her training and is currently in school working toward that goal.

Not only is Karen Phillips Lee one of Jefferson County’s #hero, she is also a wife, mother of three adult children and grandmother to five boys. Thanks to Lee and all the men and women who answer the calls that no one wants to make and no one wants to receive. Stay safe. Stay steady. Thank you for your service!