Local Dandridge Authors To Hold Book Signing at Dandridge Brewing Co. in Historic Downtown, December 17, 2022

Local Dandridge authors hold a book signing at The Downtown Dandridge Brewery Saturday December 17th 11:30 – 2:30. Drop in for your book before the Christmas parade or afterwards for a drink and meet the authors in Downtown Dandridge. Get a personally autographed book for that special person for Christmas, a stocking stuffer or something for yourself to read over the holidays.

Non-Fiction, Self Help, Comedy, Children’s Book, Memoirs, Fiction –

Sunny Hill (Memoir, Comedy)

I Shaved My Legs for THIS?!

I Shaved My Legs For This?!: Memoir of a Serial Dater: Hill, Sunny Kay: 9780997368703: Amazon.com: Books

Sunny Hill lives in Dandridge overlooking Douglas Lake and is originally from Knoxville. Still on the dating scene, she uses the wisdom she has gained through her sometimes awkward, sometimes exhilarating experiences to coach friends on best dating practices. Sunny graduated from the University of Tennessee and practices accounting, although she is anything but a boring, pencil-pushing number-cruncher! I Shaved My Legs for THIS?! Is a comedic memoir about Sunny’s dating experiences – if it can happen, it will happen to Sunny!


Hannah Doss (Children’s series, Non-fiction)

How Journey Came To Be a Tiny House For Me (series of 3)

Amazon.com: How Journey Came To Be A Tiny House For Me: 9798550600931: Doss, Hannah Leigh: Books

Hannah Doss has lived in Journey the Tiny House in both the sweltering heat of Las Vegas and 28 feet of snow in Lake Tahoe. Now she lives in Dandridge, Tennessee. The adventures she’s had in her tiny home have inspired three children’s books that she has written and illustrated. Hannah has been in the outdoor education field for eight years and enjoys igniting a passion for the outdoors in others. All of her books focus on educating the reader in creative ways through activities, colorful illustration, and rhyme.




Kay Fields (Memoir, self Help)

Godsmacked: Fields, Kay: 9798463731630: Amazon.com: Books

Dandridge resident, Kay Fields has published a memoir, titled Godsmacked: A Memoir of Mania, Mayhem and Mischief. This memoir was written in hopes of shedding insight on the life of a woman who has lived most of her life with manic depression. For forty plus years, this disease has had sharp claws in her in every aspect of her life. Through barbaric shock treatment in the 70s, mind-numbing drugs and rape in a mental hospital, she has emerged a victor. An award winning poet, she wrote this book in the hope those suffering from this disease, their loved ones and family would find hope and lots of humor in this tale.

Cindi Cohn (Christian, self help)

More Joy: 52 Weeks of Moving Forward Joyfully: Cohn, Cindi: 9798986780900: Amazon.com: Books

We all go through seasons in our lives where we need to experience More Joy.
If you are in that season of life, and even if you are not, you have uncovered the right book. Inside this book, you will discover ways to help you walk through life’s trials and still walk cheerfully with joy in your step! I know because this book was written during some of my less “joyful” times, yet I practiced intentional acts of joy – leading me to a life of joy and fulfillment every day. My deepest desire is that this book will do that for you. Let the joy journey begin!