Kindergarten Registration Spring 2023

Spring 2023

Kindergarten Registration for fall of 2023

Contact:         Kristi Waltke, Elementary Supervisor

Jefferson County Schools

Phone:  397-3194              FAX: 397-8303

Jefferson County Schools will have a Kindergarten Round-Up for registration of all children who will be eligible for kindergarten in the fall of 2023.  Kindergarten Round-Up will be held at each elementary school on Friday, February 17.  Please see the schedule shared at the end of this press release.

Before you bring your child on February 17, please make note of the following:

Age Requirement:  A child must be five (5) years old by August 15, 2023 in order to attend this coming year.

Required Screening: The Family Resource Center is now scheduling appointments for the kindergarten screening process.  Please call 397-4466 immediately if your child has not been screened.

Kindergarten is mandatory in Tennessee:  All children must have a kindergarten experience prior to entry into first grade.

Proof of Birthdate: Documentation can be a birth certificate, TN immunization record, passport, or immigration papers. (Contact the local health Department @ 397-3930 if you need help getting a certified copy of your child’s birth certificate.)

Health Examination:  Each child must show evidence of a physical exam.  The exam must have taken place no longer than 1 year prior to entry.

Certificate of TN Immunization Form:  Each child must have at least the following immunizations:  diphtheria, measles (rubella), pertussis (whooping cough), poliomyelitis, rubella, mumps, hepatitis A and B, tetanus, varicella, and pneumococcal on the form prescribed by the Commissioner (unless otherwise exempted by law) prior to admitting a child.   Your own doctor, health provider or the Department of Health Office in Dandridge (Ph 397-3930) can provide you with the proper Tennessee Certificate of Immunization.

Proof of Residency Documentation:

Proof of residence is required when a student initially enrolls in a school and whenever a change of residence occurs. The principal or his/her designee shall accept any two of the following records as proof of residency as long as the document has the name and street address of the parent/guardian:

  • Driver’s license · Water
  • Lease/mortgage             · Phone
  • Property taxes/deed · Cable/satellite
  • Bank statement · Electric
  • Current Tennessee voter registration · Current employer verification of residence

Or, a third-person affidavit of residency completed with the school system can also serve as proof of residency.

The notarized affidavit shall be completed and signed by the parent/guardian, as well as the legal owner or lesser of the property where the student and parent/guardian reside. The affidavit will be in effect until the parent/guardian provides the required proof of residence, but no longer than the end of the current school year.



Online registration is now open.  The registration portal can be found on our district website (  Parents and guardians are encouraged to register their rising kindergarten student(s) before February 17, 2023.  Parents that are unable to register their students online before February 17 will be provided an opportunity to come to Kindergarten Round-Up on February 17 for online registration assistance.  Kindergarten Round-up will also give parents and guardians the opportunity to submit documents (proof of birthdate, evidence of health examination, certificate of TN immunization form, and proof of residence).

During Kindergarten Round-Up, parents and students may meet kindergarten teachers, tour a kindergarten classroom, and get an overview of their school’s program.

Please look at the following schedule to see the appropriate time for you to visit your local school.


Jefferson County

Kindergarten Round-Up

February 17, 2023

Parents are asked to try and take their child to the schools based on the schedules listed below.  If for some reason you are unable to attend on this day, please contact the school at your convenience to provide the documentation to enroll your child for the coming school year. If scheduled alphabetical times are not convenient, then please come when you can between 8:00 – 10:00 on February 17.


Registration Schedule for All Schools

Last Names:           A-F         register at 8:00 am

G-L         register at 8:30 am

M-R        register at 9:00 am

S-Z          register at 9:30 am


Elementary Schools with Phone Numbers:

Dandridge Elementary (865) 397-3127

Jefferson Elementary (865) 475-4712

Mt. Horeb Elementary (865) 397-9472

New Market Elementary (865) 475-3551

Piedmont Elementary (865) 397-2939

Rush Strong School (865) 933-5313

Talbott Elementary (865) 475-2988

White Pine School (865) 674-2596