Emily Walls and Rob Beverly

Emily Walls, Appalachian Electric Cooperative’s Director of Communications, and Rob Beverly, Digital Media Specialist, have achieved an extraordinary feat by capturing five prestigious national Spotlight on Excellence Awards from the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (NRECA). The ceremony, held in Jacksonville, Florida, recognized their exceptional talent, dedication and innovative contributions in the field of communications and marketing.

The accolades earned by Walls and Beverly at the event further solidify their position as top-tier professionals in the electric cooperative industry. The awards they received are as follows:

1. Gold for AEC’s Communications and Marketing Plan: This recognition highlights Walls exceptional abilities in effectively conveying the co-op’s message to its members, fostering strong relationships and engagement.

2. Gold for Best Special Publication: Walls and Beverly showcased their expertise in crafting a special internal publication that captivated readers, delivering insightful content and reinforcing the co-op’s image.

3. Gold for Best Internal News Publication: This award acknowledges Walls and Beverly’s outstanding work in creating an internal news publication that effectively communicates important updates and fosters a sense of community among co-op employees.

4. Silver for Best Event: Walls, Beverly, and Mitch Cain, the Director of Member Services, demonstrated their exceptional event planning and execution skills, organizing a memorable and impactful event that successfully engaged the co-op’s members and left a lasting impression. This award is credited to the all co-op employees for their dedication and participation in making the event a huge success.

5. Silver for AEC’s Annual Meeting Promotional Bag: Walls and Beverly’s creativity shone through in the design and production of an appealing and functional promotional bag for the co-op’s annual meeting, leaving attendees with a lasting memento.

NRECA’s Spotlight on Excellence Awards program celebrates the remarkable achievements of communication and marketing professionals in the electric cooperative industry nationwide. Walls and Beverly’s success in securing five national awards demonstrates their outstanding talent and dedication to their craft.

Walls expressed her pride in the achievements of the entire cooperative. “We are committed to creating meaningful connections with our members and our community. Winning these awards is a testament to our team’s creativity, hard work and the unwavering support of our leadership. I am especially proud of our co-op for being the only one in the country, to my knowledge, to win five awards. This recognition motivates us to continue delivering exceptional communications strategies that positively impact our community.”

The achievements of Emily Walls and Rob Beverly in winning these national Spotlight on Excellence Awards are a testament to their skill, passion and dedication. AEC’s VP of Administration & Accounting, Conard Frye, states, “We are proud of our Communications team for the hard work and dedication they give, serving our members daily.  The awards are a national recognition of their accomplishments and magnify the abilities of a dedicated department at AEC.” Their contributions have not only elevated their own professional standing, but also strengthen the reputation of their cooperative as a leader in effective communications within the electric cooperative industry.