Ron Leadbetter Debuting New Book at Parrott-Wood Memorial Library: A Stunning World of Faith, Family, and Friendship – and The Unforeseeable, August 21, 2023

Parrott-Wood Memorial (3133 W. Old A.J. Hwy., Strawberry Plains, TN 37871) is hosting a meet, greet and book signing on Monday, August 21st, 2023 at 4:00 pm with local author Ron Leadbetter. He will be debuting his new book: A Stunning World of Faith, Family, and Friendship – and The Unforeseeable.

Much of the world we live in is perceived by many as dangerous and unfriendly. Well into his early adulthood, the author thought so, to the extent that he had little interest in traveling outside the boundaries of his homeland. He certainly lacked any interest whatsoever in traveling overseas. While the author travelled extensively throughout the United States for work-related as well as personal purposes, preplanning of trip details was the norm. Assistance of tourist agencies was utilized regularly in order to assure comfort and safety. Overnight accommodations were almost always prearranged. All plans focused on assuring comfort and convenience. While the author proclaimed Christian faith early in his professional career, that proclamation did not extend to sharing that faith with others outside the United States or even locally outside the author’s comfort zone. The author refrained from personally interacting with people of unfamiliar cultures, let alone those in foreign locales deemed difficult or even impossible to reach and interact with. Then an incredible transformation took place in the author’s life. Roughly thirteen years into the author’s professional career, his fear of the unknown and unfamiliar cultures was miraculously removed from his being. Shortly after, his staunch commitment to advance planning of trip details was eradicated little by little. Following the removal of fear of the unknown from the author’s persona, he was, time and again, drawn into experiences falling further and further outside his previous comfort zone. Over time, the author was increasingly blessed with amazing new friendships overseas, wonderful ties with families abroad, and incredible faith-sharing opportunities in foreign lands–“independent” travels that have taken him to nearly ninety countries worldwide. Ron’s amazing interactional experiences were regularly intertwined with stunning events most would describe as unpredictable, inconceivable, or even impossible–and virtually always unforeseeable. Hence the title of this book, A Stunning World of Faith, Family, and Friendship–and the Unforeseeable. In many instances, the experiences described in these pages might appear to be grossly exaggerated or even fabricated. Hence the inclusion of numerous photos documenting the stunning truth.