Jefferson County Opioid Board Accepting Applications For Funding

State Settlement In Excess of $1 Billion Dollars

Jefferson County Opioid Board, created by the office of Jefferson County Mayor Mark Potts, is accepting applications for organizations to receive a portion of funding that is tied to a settlement with the State of Tennessee in excess of $1 billion dollars. Jefferson County is one of several counties that will receive an annual allocation from those settlement funds. The monies are stipulated to use in remediating the opioid crisis that has plagued Jefferson County, as well as other areas across the state, in an effort to save lives.

The allocation from the settlement, which involved several large companies, will continue for the next 18 years and will provide different amounts to Jefferson County annually. The amount to be distributed for the 2024 funding cycle is $229,322. Parameters for application, as well as the budget template and more detailed information about the funds, can be found at the following link.