Area Lakes To Begin Seasonal Drawdown

Jefferson County lakes will soon be sporting their “down” season numbers, as water drawdowns begin on both Douglas and Cherokee lakes, on September 1st. Though the drawdown is gradual, seasonal numbers will not return full-time until March of 2024.

According to TVA Media Representative Scott Brooks, the drawdown runs from September 1st to December 1st to prepare space for Winter run-off from the mountains and upstream. Brooks says that Cherokee and Douglas lakes are very important parts of controlling water levels of the integrated river system that includes the Tennessee River, Ohio River, and the Cumberland and impacts far further than just the local area.

Douglas and Cherokee because they can hold a large amount of water, are necessary to keep flooding levels and to mitigate other water issues from Kentucky to Alabama.

Water levels this Fall and Winter will rise and fall depending on needs both up and downstream. Though boating season is coming to a close, Brooks says that most will not likely notice the gradual decline, especially during the last “unofficial” weekend of Summer.

Source: K. Depew, News Director