State of Tennessee: Carson-Newman “exceeds expectations” in latest Board of Education report

Dr. Kim Hawkins, dean of Carson-Newman’s School of Education and Counseling, pictured center, visits with students. Carson-Newman earned high marks in the annual Educator Preparation Report Card released this month.

Carson-Newman University’s Education Department received news worth celebrating courtesy of the State of Tennessee. The Board of Education released its annual Educator Preparation Report Card this month. The report noted that Carson-Newman, along with nine other programs, in the state is considered to “exceed expectations.”

Dr. Kim Hawkins, dean of Carson-Newman’s School of Education and Counseling, said the report’s findings confirmed that the University is preparing its students well.

“Our goal is to produce teachers who make a difference in the education of our students in Tennessee,” she said. “These report card results are an affirmation that we are doing just that.”

Carson-Newman exceeded expectations in the areas of “candidate profile,” “employment,” and “provider impact.” The ratings championed the University in recruiting strong, diverse candidates and for preparing them to teach in content areas of greatest need. The report noted C-N’s strong performance in preparing educators to begin and remain teaching in Tennessee public schools. Carson-Newman also exceeded expectations on the effectiveness of its teaching alumni in public school classrooms.

Hawkins notes there are some great education programs in Tennessee, but she is drawn to how Carson-Newman combines student preparation and Christ-centered education.

“Our focus is to prepare teachers who are competent, caring, and called,” she explained. “That third word, ‘called,’ is one that we, as Christian educators, utilize to encourage our teacher candidates to search inwardly and pursue their calling by our Creator. I always tell them that teaching is the most difficult job there is, but if God has called you to do it, you are going to call on Him for help every day.  It is a difficult job, but it is super important and incredibly fulfilling.”