U.S. Iranian Tensions Rising

Tensions are rising between the United States and Iran, following a confrontation over the waters of the Persian Gulf this week. An Iranian fighter jet came within 16 miles of a U.S. Predator drone. The drone, which was an unmanned vehicle, was being escorted by two U.S. fighters that remained over international waters. No shots were fired, however, a verbal warning was issued by the Iranian F-4 before its departure. This event is just one of several increasingly tense interactions between the United States and Iran, particularly involving air forces. Following the past three years’ push for tighter sanctions regarding Iran’s nuclear program, Iran has been increasingly impatient with allied forces in the area. In December 2011, a U.S. Sentinel drone crashed and was captured by Iranian forces. The Sentinel drone had been monitoring the country’s developing nuclear program for the CIA and is reported to have recovered sensitive information. Although no hostile intent has been conveyed in these interactions, U.S. officials are growing concerned that such confrontations may unintentionally lead to violence.

Source: Jake Depew, Assistant Editor