Cool Disregard Over Recent North Korean Threats

World News Jefferson County PostThe most recent volley of threats issued by North Korea against South Korea and the United States has been met with cool disregard. The dictator-led North Korea has frequently been assuring allied nations that any war that erupts in the area will not be confined to the local area, but will be escalated to an all-out nuclear war. Regardless, South Korean officials are urging that these threats are nothing that the country has not faced before. Officials are urging citizens of both South Korea and the United States to remain calm in light of recent threats. Both nations are treating the situation as a serious issue that needs to be monitored. The deployment of B-2 bombers to South Korea is reported as being part of a joint exercise, which commonly takes place between the two countries. A U.S. military analyst reported that even though North Korea claims to be able to strike some targets in the far Pacific U.S., there is almost no possibility that such an attack can be performed, barring a “miraculous turnaround among North Korea’s strategic forces.” U.S. citizens are being urged to remain calm, as the defenses currently in place are believed to be more than enough for any threat North Korea may pose.

Source: Jake Depew, Assistant Editor