Audrey Morrisett Next Director of All Saints’ Episcopal School Early Learning Center

Audrey Hice Morrisett All Saints' Episcopal School, Morristown, TN

Audrey Hice Morrisett All Saints’ Episcopal School, Morristown, TN

All Saints’ Episcopal School is pleased to announce that seven-year ASES veteran and alumna, Audrey Morrisett will be the next Director of the ASES Early Learning Center. Audrey was the founding teacher of the Twos Program in 2005 and has supervised Aftercare and Early Morning Care in the ELC since 2007.  She graduated from Tusculum College, receiving a BA in Elementary Education.

 Audrey’s Early Childhood experience has been bookended by more than 100 hours of State Certified early learning training and education. When asked why she has committed her professional life to the education of our youngest charges, Audrey said, “There is such joy in watching them grow.” She added that the speed and depth of their progress as young people is unmatched at any other school-age time in their lives.

Audrey has been and will continue to meet daily with Mr. Campbell, the current ELC Director, as the transition for next year is planned. She said, “I am very excited to begin, and to lead the ELC forward, I love [All Saints] and these families.”