Metropolitan Museum Gala and Cannes Film Festival Fashion

Caroline Graham Swann

Caroline Graham Swann

Hello darlings, after viewing fashion photos from the Metropolitan Museum Gala, I must say Amal Clooney is the best dressed. Amal’s red strapless gown was elegant and perfect for her body type. The vibrant red complimented her complexion and long dark hair. Now, forgive me, but I was actually embarrassed for the choice of gown Kim Kardashian chose for the event. The gown was designed to be a see-through sensation and was exactly that: totally lacking in class and good taste, it took away from her beauty instead of being an asset. Also, I certainly believe in a nip and tuck by a plastic surgeon to add or take away flaws or aging skin, but this girl needs to stop with the additions to her small frame.  She has added so much bulk that her body is beginning to look heavy instead of svelte.  Kim has a beautiful face, but she needs another stylist and a mirror to evaluate her shape. Fashion suggestion for her is a small frame or small bones do not need a lot of bulk.

Jackie Kennedy, Grace Kennedy, Princess Diana, and the newest fashion diva, Amal Clooney, all had the grace to know looking nude at a high fashion event, or any event for that matter, is not the wisest fashion decision.  Elegance, class, and good taste add up to the sexiest look. A bit of skin shown here or there can be alluring good taste, but there is a limit for tasteful fashion sense.

Fashion from the Cannes Film Festival had an array of beautiful choices.  The little black dress was the trend and was designed in many ways for the “stars.”  A black bustier style with sweetheart neckline trimmed with silk cord and a black fringe design was stunning.

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