Christmas Party Merriment

Really 300x‘Tis the season for Christmas parties. Now, I hope the Office of Diversity at the University of Tennessee doesn’t get upset with me over the term “Christmas party.” Oh, who am I kidding? Ze can forcefully insert zeir offense in a gender neutral location.

Christmas parties are an integral part of the season and more than a bit humorous from the dry corner of the room. Some pretty funny, or embarrassing, things occur at Christmas parties. We recently had a festive blowout, and I was perched attentively enjoying all the merriment. I will not be naming names or recounting any of the blush inducing tales. That, of course, would be a major faux pas. But just for a moment, there were a lot of nervous people reading this column. Everyone deserves to be able to relieve some holiday stress without it making the local paper. But when you have a column in that paper, you’re not fully enjoying the moment if you don’t make them sweat for a split second.

Source: David Swann