Grandaddy of all Stomach Viruses

During the cold and flu season, my mind always travels back to sniffles of the past. It would never fail that my children would bring home the latest and greatest in viruses and then proceed to pass the gift of illness to the entire family. One occasion in particular sticks out in my mind. We had traveled out of State on business and were enjoying some family time between meetings. My son was very young and we spent much of the time while my husband was conducting business at the indoor pool. It was quite a treat for us because it was cool weather and we relished the heated environment. Unfortunately, we got more than exercise at the indoor pool. I was the first one to become ill with the granddaddy of all stomach viruses. My son and I spent the final days of our trip sequestered in the hotel room because I was violently ill. On the day that we left to make the 20 hour trip home, my son became ill. By the time that we hit the Kentucky line my husband had joined the party as well. Every time that someone has come down with something since then I have thanked my lucky stars that we were at home and comfortable rather than in a hotel room five States away. So, as I douse myself in hand sanitizer and consider wearing a mask this Winter I will remember that there is no place like home…especially if you are sick.

Source: K.P. Guessen