Quilting Is Being Rejuvenated Through Young People

This past week two Jefferson County 4-H members were selected to attend the Eastern Region 4-H Quilting Camp in Greeneville. All 4-H members from across the Eastern Region each completed a small quilt by the close of three full days of sewing and gleaning the full of experience of camp life. The members learned how to use a rotary cutter, a sewing machine, and how to lay out their quilts in preparation for sewing them. The adults and Agents in attendance taught them how to assemble their first quilt square and the teens took over from there. Much to our surprise, us adults had envisioned all of the quilts turning out to look just like the pattern but the teens had a different idea. At the end of the week there were 18 different quilts assembled there before our eyes, all ready to go back to their local County Fairs for display and to be entered to compete for prizes. I personally am so proud of our two 4-H members, Emma Mulligan and Jordan Bouyoucas, for their ceaseless positive attitudes and sharing their leadership qualities with others there who needed to be uplifted and encouraged. These girls and their dedication to this craft are deserving of a spotlighted mention!