JCHS Plans for New CTE Class Option

Jefferson County High School may soon be offering an extended CTE course to answer projected needs in the Jefferson County Industrial market. With the location of Oshkosh to Jefferson City, the opportunity to expand the CTE program appears to be a top priority of new Director of School Johnston. On taps, should the particulars work out, would be a welding certification that could potentially open doors at companies such as Oshkosh.

In a recent meeting with the Jefferson County School Board, Dr. Johnston informed the Board that he and members of his central office staff have been working on financing and program needs to jump start the potential program. He is investigating local partners, as well as grant opportunities, that might off set the potential cost, which could be north of $300,000 depending on community buy in for the program.

Extension of offerings in the CTE department have been under discussion for several years and with new hiring potential in the local area, the school system appears to be ready to expand their programs that would benefit Jefferson County students looking to hit the work force after graduation. Historically, around 80% of seniors that graduate from Jefferson County High School do not seek higher education and directly enter the work force.

While it is still unclear what certifications would be possible to obtain and the exact financial obligation for the school system and student, it is clear that the new school administration is thinking outside the box to try and address the needs of Jefferson County students who have little interest in a four year degree. Dr. Johnston will address the issues with the School Board when they meet later this month in the hopes of meeting a tight time line to install a new option for Jefferson County students.

Source: Kristen Depew, News Director, Jefferson County Post