Jefferson County School Board Votes to Continue Employee Pay

The Jefferson County School Board met last week via remote location to address pending business before the Board. Following the approval of the consent agenda items, the Board approved multiple Board policies on the first reading ( removing policy # 4.700). After a language change to the removed policy was motioned, the motion was withdrawn and sent back to committee for review. Board Members unanimously suspended the rules to pass on 1st and final reading policies regarding emergency closings and Telework during emergencies.

Five budget amendments were approved in a 7-0 vote and resolution 2020-70 regarding Transportation also found favor. The Board took unanimous action to cancel all field trips due to the current situation with the coronavirus. To address employee compensation during the time of school shutdown the Board voted 7-0 to pay all employees through the scheduled 2019-2020 school year.

In unfinished business, Board Member Pinkerton initially made a motion to build two new schools, Jefferson Elementary and Piedmont Elementary, with a 600 student capacity each in their current districts. The Motion was 2nd by Board Member Solomon. After lengthy discussion, Vice Chair Bradley and Board Member Fair made a high priority motion to postpone the original motion until the July 2020 meeting. The Bradley/Fair motion carried 6-1 with Pinkerton voting No. The item requesting action on the Renovations and Capital Outlay needs as presented was also rolled to the July meeting.

Source: Kristen Depew