Editorial – We Live In Our Own Country


Am I the only one who has noticed that many of the people celebrating Obama’s victory are doing so as if he was a family member? As if their honor, above all else, rested on his campaign? I am not attacking Obama. I am using him as the most readily available example. This behavior was bound to happen regardless of the election result. I propose a new political party: Open-Minded Rational Thinkers.

People who vote solely based on the candidate that fulfills their needs to the fullest extent. Too often citizens forget the purpose of the position of President of the United States. These men (and women, though “men” will be used for the sake of writing purposes) are OUR TOOLS. We tell Congress our wishes, and Congress is expected to instruct the president accordingly. Many citizens fear what will happen when these men are put “into power.” Most Americans don’t even realize that the current trend of presidential power has only existed for the past fifty years of American history (though, obviously, there are smaller instances throughout history. Lincoln’s time in office is a particularly extreme example). *We let this happen.* If the citizens of America wish to set the country straight, it starts with the education and *concern* of the people. There is no place for apathy in a responsible federal republic (funny how I didn’t say “democracy,” huh?). The true problems that plague this country (thinly veiled apathy being a chief concern) are not going to be fixed by these single men, who are often seen as the ones responsible for running the country. So I issue a final proposition, those of you who have continued to read thus far. To restore the country to its former glory, you must take the initiative. Remind these elected officials that they are our megaphones, through which our wishes are to be known and carefully considered. We as a whole often do not know what is best, so it is unfair and unwise to want elected officials to blindly do as the masses say. But we have seen a trend of people ignoring what we proclaim, in the streets, online, on paper, and in person. So tread carefully when you tell your elected officials what you want. Reason out practicality for yourself. But above all else, do not fear these people: you do not live in their country. *We* live in *our* country.