Enter The Budget Cycle

editorial-logo3Jefferson County is, once again, entering the budget cycle and this year could be the most contentious yet for this County Commission. Many are seeking re election and all, whether looking to stay or going, want to leave their mark. Unfortunately, the Commission has aligned itself into packs and that does not lend to good decision making. It is interesting that many of those that have not attended a County Commission meeting, or perhaps have only sat through one or two, believe that the faults of this Commission lie with only one side. Let me assure you that is simply not true. Each side has its distinct faults and each is equally to blame for the current antagonistic relationship in the Commission. The animosity runs deep and it is disgustingly equal, with very little high ground to be found.

This is a group that talks in we and them and that is how they see our County government. Like Republicans and Democrats, there is a differing philosophy among sides and like the warring political parties, both are wrong and both are right. And while they are busy trying to win the game and make their points, the citizens of this County are losing. So, heading into budget season, here is a quick reminder. The money that is allocated-be it for education, industrial development, roads or copy paper belongs to the citizens of Jefferson County. We are the only we  that exist.

Last week, the Commission spent an unreasonable amount of time debating who would have ownership of a triple wide portable (funds loaned to the DOE by the County) during the repayment period. Do we  own it or do they  own it? And the answer is – Yes. Because we are we and we are they.

I would like to think that the upcoming elections will keep Commissioners on the straight and narrow during this budgeting season. Given the history of this Commission, I am hopeful but doubtful that there will be any big changes. It really is a shame because without the personal conflicts and agendas, some actually might have a good idea or two. As the politicos come knocking on your door this election season please remember this-it is only a war if both sides fight, other wise it is either peace or repression.

Source: K. Depew, News Director