Morristown Police Department Recognized with Plaque from Breath of Life Ministries

Morristown Police Breath of Life Ministries 1 11222016The Morristown Police Department is honored to have received recognition from the Breath of Life Ministries. Earlier this month, the ministry presented a plaque to the department for service, dedication and sacrifice made by the men and women of the department to keep Morristown safe.

Members of Breath of Life stated, “That when they contact police for assistance, they have always been impressed with the level of service they receive.” The Morristown Police Department acknowledges the important role that community leaders such as the leadership of Breath of Life Ministries have on impacting police and community relations. The MPD is appreciative of our alliances with the citizens of our community. Chief Overholt stated, “Our community benefits by becoming safer and stronger when citizens and police work together to address the challenges of preventing crime in our city.”

Source: Morristown Police Department