Easter Activities for Fine Motor Skill Development

Growing YearsEaster Fun Activities To Build Fine Motor Skills

Bubble Wrap Easter Eggs

You Need:




bubble wrap



– Cut the bubble wrap into squares.

– Paint the squares of bubble wrap using paintbrushes. They will need to hold the square of bubble wrap to paint it, in much the same way they write, but more difficult.

– Stamp them onto the papers. Be careful not to press so hard the bubbles break.

– After the paint dries, cut the papers into the shape of large Easter eggs.

Confetti Easter Eggs

(Confetti Eggs, also known as Cascarones, are colorful egg shells filled with confetti. Folklore says that the colorful confetti shower brings luck and good fortune. They are used to playfully throw at someone you want to wish good luck).

You Need:

raw eggs


food coloring

paper funnel

rainbow colored pasta


– Break up dried pasta into confetti like sizes to fill the eggs.

– Color with paint of your choice colors of the rainbow and set aside.

– Carefully poke a hole in the top of each egg with a fork while they in the carton.

– Pick at the shells to make the holes larger.

– Pour out the insides. Wash them out with soapy water, and be sure to wash hands thoroughly.

– Dye the eggs in a cup of water, 2 teaspoons of vinegar, and food coloring. Gently submerge the eggs in the water.

– After they dry, made a funnel with paper to fill the eggs.

– Fill the eggs with the colorful pasta pieces.

– Cut out little squares of colored tissue paper and glue them over the holes in the eggs.