District Attorney General James B. Dunn invites you to participate in honoring and remembering victims of violent crime. Due to the ongoing COVID 19 pandemic we will not be able to have our normal in person ceremony. This year we will be creating a photo banner to display in the memory garden. We invite you to submit a high-resolution photo of you or your loved one with the name(s) as you prefer it listed. Please email your photo to General Dunn would like for you to come to the Cocke County Courthouse lawn the week of April 18-24, 2021 to view the photo banner and take a moment to reminisce at the victim’s tree and memory garden. When you visit the memory garden, we encourage you to take a photo and submit it to our Facebook group. If you are not a member of that group, please submit your name as it is listed on Facebook and one of the administrators will add you to the private group. We look forward to the day when we will be able to gather in person to honor all victims of violent crime. It is very important that all photos be submitted to our office on or before April 1, 2021. If you have any questions or need assistance submitting a photo, please contact Kim Hudson at (423) 623-1285.