Jefferson County Commission Makes Resolution Supporting State Sovereignty Legislation, Other Counties Urged to Follow

By David Seal [Special to The Tennessee Conservative] – As published previously in “The Tennessee Conservative

The Jefferson County Commission has set a standard for other county legislative bodies to follow in their making of a resolution to support state sovereignty.

Specifically, Resolution 2023-48 suggests that House Bill 726 / Senate Bill 1092, proposed by Representative Bud Hulsey and Senator Janice Bowling respectively, should serve as a model for state legislators to follow in enacting a state sovereignty bill that will establish 5 pathways for Tennessee to nullify federal overreach and federal actions that violate the U.S. Constitution.

Constitutional conservative Commissioner Janet Norton (R-Dandridge) advanced the resolution along with 13 co-sponsors to send a strong message to state lawmakers that federal overreach is “running rampant in the United States, impacting all aspects of life and government.”

The resolution features the text of the Tenth Amendment to the Constitution and other statements making it clear that our federal government has far exceeded its authority of the 18 enumerated powers set forth in Article 1, Section 8, justifying the need for a nullification process.

Citizens addressed county commissioners at their recent meetings in support of the resolution.

“Enough is enough, the federal government was created by the states to have limited powers and not exceed its constitutional authority. Our founding fathers feared centralized power; as a result, they made our sacred constitution. We need to respect their design and create a means of nullification for our state” – said Historian and U.S. Army Veteran Paul Hammer.

Commissioner Norton encourages other county governments, municipalities, county political parties, and organizations to copy, adapt, or otherwise make their own resolutions in support of state sovereignty and nullification of federal action.

To obtain a WORD template of the resolution, send a request to the following email address:

A signed copy of the resolution is pictured below. Exhibit A, mentioned in the resolution, can be found at HB0726.pdf (

David Seal is a retired Jefferson County educator, recognized artist, local businessman, 917 Society Volunteer, and current Chairman of the Jefferson County Republican Party. He has also served Jefferson County as a County Commissioner and is a citizen lobbyist for the people on issues such as eminent domain, property rights, education, and broadband accessibility on the state level.