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Schedules at JCHS

 I have a child that will be attending Jefferson Count High School and am confused about the conflicting information that I have been hearing surrounding the start of school and classes. Do you have any accurate information? Certainly, much information has been traveling trough the County rumor mill regarding the situation at Jefferson County High […]

Purple Roses

My daughter and I love roses and we want to use a variety for her upcoming wedding. My friend is convinced that it is inappropriate to use purple roses for mother and mother in law corsages. Is there a reason that we should stay away from purple? Your friend is most likely concerned that deep […]

Where To Tie The Knot

I am getting married in October and am looking for a venue for our wedding and reception. I would like to stay inside Jefferson County, rather than traveling to Gatlinburg. Do you have any suggestions? There are several places in the County that could be appropriate, depending on the size and needs for the reception. […]

Orchids – High maintenance but beautiful

I was given an orchid as a gift from a friend that is a wonderful gardener. I have kept the plant inside and baby it but it has not bloomed again. Do you have any suggestions? Orchids are known for being as high maintenance as they are beautiful. There are several reasons that your flower […]

Waiting On Snow

It is only June and I am already over the hot weather. I was wondering if you have any idea when we might see some snow in the area. I know that most people are loving the sunshine but it would certainly help me get through the humidity if I had some snow to look […]

Spiders Must Go

First, I would like to go on record and say that I have a fairly clean house. Unfortunately, it appears that spiders love my home. I really don’t want to share a house with the nasty little buggers and was wondering if you have any suggestions? Many people believe that the spider population increases in […]

Mosquitos Can Scar

I have noticed that I have a few small scars left from scratching mosquito bites and was wondering if you have any suggestions to get rid of them? It is important to remember that scratching a bite will often result in scaring and can sometimes lead to infection. Rather than scratching, try some calamine lotion […]

Benefits of Aloe Plants

I was recently gifted an aloe plant from my neighbor, who swears that it is great for burns. After a little kitchen accident where I ended up with a burned finger, I broke off a stem of the plant. It smelled really bad! Is this normal or is something wrong with my plant? Complaints about […]

Tick Explosion?

I know that it is early in the season, but I have already found three ticks on my children and a couple on our cat. I was wondering if this is a particularly bad tick season or if we have just been unlucky. Actually, the tick population has been increasing over the last decade or […]

Mosquito Season

I have heard that this is going to be a really bad mosquito season and I have already found a few in our house. What is the best mosquito repellant for me and my husband, as well as my children? There are several fairly reliable mosquito repellants on the market but not all are appropriate […]

Java Trend

My teenage daughter has recently gotten into drinking coffee. This seems to be a trend with a lot of her friends and I am concerned that it may not be healthy. I would appreciate any information on the issue and some insight into the trend. While coffee was once considered bad for general health, recent […]

Why is it still this cold?

I do not remember May being this cold. Is this seriously abnormal for this area at this time of the year and is this the coldest May on record? While the past several years have certainly found May to be much hotter than it has been this year, this is not that unusual in the […]

Best Tomato?

I am looking for some tomato plants and am new to gardening. I have noticed that there are several different varieties of plants and was wondering if you have any suggestions for a tomato that has a good flavor and is easy to grow? There are multiple varieties of tomato plants and most gardeners have […]

The Strangest Noise

I heard the strangest noise last night and my husband swears that it was a coyote. We live in the city and I have never heard anything like this before. Is it possible that it actually was a coyote or should I be looking for another source for the loud sound? It sounded like a […]

Water Rising Earlier?

I have noticed that Douglas Lake seems to have risen a lot lately and was wondering if that has anything to do with the recent fishing tournaments? Also, when is the lake expected to be completely full this year? Lake levels have been steadily rising for the last few weeks. Though is appears to coincide […]

How To Treat Windburn

I spent the day on the lake and came back with a painful windburn. Though I regularly use sunscreen, this wind burn took me by surprise. Do you have any suggestion as to home treatments and how can I prevent this from happening again? Wind Burn is sometimes very painful and sunscreen alone will not […]