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What Happened To My Tulips?

Tulips are my favorite flower and I used to have good luck with them. They are planted in my front yard and I wait for them to bloom every year. Last year, I had lots of foliage and very few blooms and it looks like it may be the same way this year. Do you […]

Easter Egg Safety

My children are anxiously awaiting coloring Easter eggs. We will go on an egg hunt on Saturday and another on Sunday. The kids are always wanting to eat the eggs that they dye and I was wondering if it is safe for them to eat the eggs after the hunts? According to the USDA, eggs […]

Wasps Are Back

After only a few warm days, I have noticed that the wasps are hanging around. I live in a brick home and we had a lot of trouble with wasps last year. I would love any suggestions for deterring them. We are hoping that if we start early enough we might keep from being overrun […]

Edible Flowers

I am busy planning my garden for the Spring and Summer and am looking to do a little something different this year. I was at a tea last summer and there were some flowers decorating the food. At first, I was concerned but was informed that some flowers are edible. I would like to plant […]

Getting Involved

My daughter and granddaughter are coming to live with me for awhile and she will be starting high school next year. I am looking for something to get her involved in over the summer so she will know some people going into the new school year. I am hoping that some familiar faces might ease […]

Coin Collecting

My son is turning six and I would like to help him start a coin collection. I have never really collected coins but I think that it would interest him and I know that they increase in value. Do you have any suggestions for us as to the best way to begin? Collecting is a […]

What’s with all the Skunks?

I have noticed a lot of skunks killed on the side of the road already this year and the other night I saw one across the yard. I have also smelled the lovely aroma of skunk several times lately. Are they not out earlier than usual and are they greater in numbers? Skunks generally come […]

Keep It Simple

My son is looking to buy flowers for his new girlfriend for Valentines Day. This is his first real girlfriend and I am not sure what is appropriate for a gift. They are both in the eighth grade and will be going to see an early movie on Valentines Day. Do you have any suggestions? […]

When Can I Plant?

Asked and Answered I am so over the cold weather and am ready for spring. Last year I started my first garden with plants that I bought at the nursery. This year I would like to grow my own from seed. When should I start planting seeds so that they are ready for the garden […]

Getting Through The Ice

Now that Winter has finally come, complete with snow and ice, my daughter is having some trouble making it to school on time because she is having to de ice her windshield in the morning. I saw that next month is going to be even colder than this month and was wondering if you have […]

Flooded Basement

Like many people in the area, my basement flooded during the heavy rains last week. We worked very hard to get rid of all of the water but I am worried about odor from the flood. When this happened before it took a long time to get rid of the smell. I do not have […]

Reducing Tarnish

I love using my good sliver flatware for special occasions but simply detest cleaning it. Do you know any way to keep the tarnish to a minimum? Experts suggest adding a piece of chalk to your silver storage area. Chalk helps absorb moisture which causes silver to tarnish. Storing pieces in an air tight bag […]

Taking The Plunge

I know that every year people take the plunge into icy waters on New Year’s Day but I was just wondering what the motivation is to do something so risky. Do you have any information or insight on the issue? Actually, the polar bear plunge is a long standing New Year’s tradition in Canada that […]

Pet Safety

My family and I got a new addition to the family in early December when we adopted a young dog from our local shelter. She lives inside our home so there is no worry during cold times about where she will sleep, however I am concerned about her slipping on ice on our porch when […]

Late Christmas Gift

My daughter came down with the flu during the last week of school and she missed her class Christmas party. I meant to take gift bags to the school for her classmates and teachers but just did not get it done. I would like to do something for her little friends and teacher but don’t […]

Cats and Christmas Trees

I absolutely love my real Christmas tree. The only problem is that so does my cat! He climbs the tree and has already knocked it over once. I am afraid that he is going to hurt himself or, at the least, destroy the tree. Any suggestions? It is a simple fact of life that many […]